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PHASE 2, what’s the plan?

Phase 1 of Space Opera is finished and also the WebGL version of the Nightlybuild has been changed so that it is playable again. Time to take a look at Phase 2:

English and German localization

I don’t really need to say much about that. Space Opera should be playable in at least 2 different languages. Since I don’t want to reinvent the wheel here, I looked for a simple solution. I found the solution here:

Ultimately, the whole thing is reduced to hard work.

Combat manoeuvres

The current battle is still very static. The first step to break this up will be the introduction of combat maneuvers. This also involves some energy management.

In the following article I had described a more complex combat system and a corresponding energy management. I want to go there again.

New enemy types

Actually, it’s a clear thing. The game still needs a few different opponents. A few resources at the end of a battle, as a reward of course wouldn’t be bad.

Fog of War

Also something I had in the old versions. Not knowing what’s around the corner always tickles the explorer’s urge.

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