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Space Opera Reloadet (again) …

Since Unity3D offers me the possibility to release Space Opera for Windows as well as WebGL applications, I thought I’d take a broader look at the whole thing.

There would be my webspace which has been lying idle for years. Thought, googled, done and installed a CMS. Some clicks and Plugin´s later all entries created on Blogger were imported here.

Again some clicks later a Wiki and a forum found the way here. Why always distribute everything, if you can also make it available on a platform?

In the end it will (hopefully) be the last completely new Space Opera to develop and get all information and (hopefully) feedback.

Besides the WebGL release that can be tested here, and will be updated directly – thanks to the Unity Build PipeLine – there will also be the Windows version available for download after the first release. But as you can see in the demo, some content has to be provided.

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